The year which is slowly ending, in which we are commemorating hundred years since the end of World War I, is framed by the year which marked the centenary of the Soviet Revolution and by the year which will mark the hundredth anniversary of the revolution in Germany, but also a hundred years since the murder of Rosa Luxemburg. “Red Rosa,” is still an inspiration for rebellion, in an age when rebellion against everything inhumane, violent, and exploitative – is invisible. She still raises the question: where is the rebellion, is it possible?

In a different reality, which this play creates, this revolutionary meets other revolutionaries and poets. Four revolutionaries – Rosa, the Red Army Faction’s member Ulrike Meinnhof, Castro’s comrade-in-arms Camilo Cienfuegos, and Lenin’s assassin Fanny Kaplan, as well as poets Kharms and Mayakovsky, walk through time and talk to one another, and to us “from the other side.”Their spirits still breathe down our neck.What are they saying to us today? What is all allowed in order to gain power and preserve the revolution? How far can the revolution go in order to preserve its values?