2016┬áDAH Theatre’s 25th Anniversary
The Festival

2011 Passing the Flame
Festival and Conference
Dah Theatre 20th Anniversary

2005 BE in Belgrade
The Balkan Express Network Meeting
15 – 17. March 2005

2003 Forum Of Independent Theatres (with ANET)
December 5-11.

2003 Theatre as a Way of Healing
festival and conference

2002 Cross Dissolve, festival
(with Association of Independent Theatres – ANET)

2001 Endurance and Transformation
theatre meeting celebrating 10 years of DAH Theatre work, in collaboration with the National Theatre and REX Cultural Centre, Belgrade.

2001 Doorsteps
(with ANET)

2000 New Definitions of Social Role of Theatre
festival and symposium
(with ANET)

1999 Strategies of Survival
festival (with ANET)

1996 International Theatre Workshops Meeting
REX, Belgrade

1993 and 1994 Art Saves Life
Ffestival with NATASHA project, Sava Centre, Belgrade