“DAH Theatre is one of the most successful and innovative performance groups in contemporary history. What makes DAH so exceptional? Their levels of innovation and passion extend far beyond the world of mere performance.”
– DAH Theatre: A Sourcebook, 2016
Edited by Dennis Barnett, professor of theatre at Coe College, USA

DAH Theatre is one of the most enduring (East) European alternative theatres today.”
– Vesela Warner (DAH Theatre: A Sourcebook, 2016)

“I have seen their performances which celebrate life. I reflect on courage, dignity, tenacity, artistic refinement, and black matter, which go beyond art. They were and are butterflies. Like a mystery, I look at them while they dream and flutter out of the window headfirst into History.”
Eugenio Barba, ODIN Teatret director (DAH Theatre: A Sourcebook, 2016)

DAH Theatre International (DTI) is an independent professional theatre company founded in 1991 in Belgrade, Serbia. It is a contemporary artistic collective that examines social issues built on the principle of social action and excellence in arts production and projects.

The mission is to create profound and courageous theatre art through dedicated team work, provoking, inspiring and encouraging personal and social transformation.

DAH Theatre International exists and creates continuously for more than a quarter of the century. DAH Theatre’s work is based on devised theatre form, working on the crossroad between theatre, dance and visual art, using theatre as a tool for social transformation, mediation, education, raising awareness of human rights, empowerment of vulnerable and marginalized groups, peace building and intercultural dialogue, both in local community and on an international scale.

Artists of DTI strongly believe that theatre has the power to change individuals, to change our communities and that the artists have the power of public voice, which is “an incredible privilege, and with that goes a huge responsibility”.

“It is clear from seeing the work and the process that created it that DAH’s theatre is as much about personal transformation as it is about community transition. Social change is possible when we can change ourselves.”
– David J. Diamond, La MaMa Umbria
(DAH Theatre: A Sourcebook, 2016)

“In the contemporary world, destruction and violence can only be opposed by the creation of sense” is the founding and continuing motto of DAH Theatre.

We want our centre to be a meeting place for artists, managers of culture, specialists, different organisations and initiatives, young people and audiences regardless of age or gender from the local community, the region and beyond by:

– Bringing the cultural worker, artists, managers, and experts from the region to meet among themselves and with the local community
– Creating the conditions for collaboration and common projects
– Touring our productions Exchanging experiences between young people from our country

Our goal also is to create a place that can empower people in facing the difficulties of society in transition countries in the region. The Dah Theatre can represent a bridge between our region and the wider community. By bringing leading artists and experts to our centre we can provide for them information, exchange of knowledge and learning under affordable conditions.

DAH Teatar International is active in various theatre networks:

• Assitej – International Association of Theaters for Children and Young People
• CEDEUM – Center for Drama in Education and Art
• European Off Network
• ITI – International Theatre Institute
• IDEA – The International Drama/Theatre and Education Association
• Nezavisna kulturna scena Srbije
• Theatre without Borders – International Thetare Network
• The Magdalena Project – International Network of Women in Contemporary theatre
• EURORESO – International association for science and education