SHE. AHEAD OF HER TIME is an original multimedia installation, which integrates exhibition, live performance, installation, video works, and photography. This work deals with women who were the pioneers in their fields in Serbian society. Even though their achievements were significant for our culture, their work is still not sufficiently known and visible in Serbian cultural and historical heritage.


Interactive multimedia performance- installation, designed for different vanues, gallery and museum spaces It reflects on the heritage of the authentic avant-garde art movement from our region – Zenitism. Zenitism invites us to be inspired by the enthusiasm of the artists of that time, thus turning back to great values in the center of which is always a better man.


Dancing Trees is a site-specific dance theatre performance, created in collaboration with the Belgrade Dance Institute. This visually poetic performance explores the importance of trees preservation and includes wider scope of action connecting climate changes and arts. It engages six performers, with the original music, and it aims to sensitize the audience and encourage initiatives in defence against excessive tree felling.


A performance for both children and adults, part of the EU Children’s Rights Project, ‘Rights4Kids,’ 2018-2020. The goal of this project is to raise awareness of children’s and young people’s rights. Using the structure of fairy tales and their deconstruction, the show questions the attitudes toward children and youth today.

TERRA (2020)

The performance connects plants cultivation and land (lat. TERRA) with migrations. It contemplates effort, pain, and adjustment it takes to be “transplanted” during the process of migration. The performance strives to awaken empathy with people that were ” transplanted” – through movement, songs, stories, contact with the plants, earth and water .

The Conundrum of Revolutions (2018)

The performance creates an alternative reality in which Rosa Luxembourg meets revolutionaries and poets from across the world and time – Ulrike Meinnhof, Castro’s comrade-in-arms Camilo Cienfuegos, Lenin’s assassin Fanny Kaplan, as well as the poets Kharms and Mayakovsky. Rosa presents us with the question- where is rebellion, is it possible?

DADA’s Women (2017)

A theater-installation about DADAism and the movement’s male and female artists. DADA was conceived in light of the First World War, out of the necessity to oppose conflict and violence.

 25 Glasses of Wine (2016)

A lecture-performance featuring DAH Theater’s director, using autobiographical texts to discuss the work of a theater troupe and their adventures in the historical-political context of ‘a country which no longer exists.’

Perchance to Dream! (2016)

What happens when the character from “Dreams and Obstacles” starts spinning, and lands in a new performance- “Perchance to Dream!”?

IN/VISIBLE CITY (ongoing from 2005)

A performance in the public transport and on-going project, ‘In/visible City’ is meant to render visible both the cultural richness of ethnic diversity and the multi-ethnic structure of our cities. Performed locally and internationally, in collaboration with local artists in Serbia and Europe.


Previously blue (2015)

A poetic summit about the mysteries of disaster, resilience and beauty. A co-production between Dah Theater, 7 Stages Theater (from Atlanta USA) and the ensemble of Antarsia Cafe (from Chicago, USA.)

The Shivering of the Rose (2014)

A performance about the artistic cooperation and creative process between actors and directors, on the theme of missing persons. A reflection on the strength and fragility of remembrance, the meaning of ‘missing,’ and the possibility of transformation. 

The Presence of Absence (2013)

Part of the project ‘The Power of Remembrance,’ about the post-traumatic remembrance, saved by the members of a family in which one or more has gone missing and disappeared from their closest environment.

Dreams and Obstacles (2012)

An experiment in form, a blend of autobiographical performance and work-demonstration on the theme of the ‘becoming’ of the artist, following the development of her dream and its gradual realization on the stage.

Tender, tender, tenderly (2011)

A performance and concert by DAH Theater, in collaboration with music group the Secondhanders, on the theme of nostalgia and its influence on the cultural scene of the former Yugoslavia.

The Nastasijević Code (2010)

DAH Theater’s performance about the famous Nastasijević family and the spiritual heritage they left in Serbian culture. The performance illuminates the artistic and cultural milieu of inter-war Serbia, projecting a strong artistic vision in the process.

Two grannies, four cats, and a scooter (2009)

Long-term DAH Theater actresses Sanja Krsmanović Tasić and Maja Mitić in their soulful and warm way, through the language of theater and art, send a message to children and their parents the beauty of relations with animals and growing up with pets in the house- as well as its importance in developing responsibility and care for another being, the capacity to love, mourn, rejoice…

Crossing the Line (2009)

“Crossing the Line” is based on texts from the book “Women’s Side of War,” published in 2007 by the activist group Women in Black. The book is a compilation of authentic testimonies from women who survived the wars of the former Yugoslavia, between 1991-1999.

In Search of the City (2007)

A performance on the ruins of a library on Kosančićev street. DAH’s idea was to illumine the ‘hidden walls,’ and hidden history- in order to make them transparent and in that way transform the city and its inhabitants. 

Guide Through an Alternative History of Belgrade (2006)

As part of the program of their fifth International School for Actors and Directors, DAH Theater realized the mobile performance- ‘Guide Through an Alternative History of Belgrade.’

The Story of Tea (2006)

The central theme of the performance is the train that will finally take three sisters to the place of their dreams- Moscow, or missed opportunities and  gambled chances, inspired and provoked by the other important themes of DAH Theater’s ‘three sisters.’

In/visible City (2005)

A performance in the city bus system, and on-going project, ‘In/visible City’ is meant to render visible both the cultural richness of ethnic diversity and the multi-ethnic structure of Serbian cities.

Alice and Kafka are Dead / Long Live the Rosenbergs (2005)

How to solve a problem like that of Ethel Rosenberg’s? Or Alice’s in Wonderland? Both were condemned to death, one in a fairytale, one in real life. Historic trials and great literary events meet in this co-production, in order to see what these two stories of the death penalty may have in common.

Cirque Macabre (2002)

Using the form of an obscure circus, this performance deals with the theme of violence. The characters that perform the “circus acts” are artists/visionaries who marked our times, performing a dark tango with their prosecutors.

Dancing With Darkness (2002)

In DAH Theater’s first solo performance, Sanja Krsmanović Tasić expands through the theme of dealing with loss and its reasoning in a previous performance (“The Helen Keller Case”) to the meaning of loss in general: the loss of senses, the loss of a country, the loss of perceiving reality in a generally accepted way, the loss of identity.

Inner Mandala (2002)

Lecture-performance by actress Maja Mitić, in which she discusses the healing power of theater, featuring parts of all the  performances in which she has played from 1991 to now (2002). 

Maps of Forbidden Remembrance (2001)

A co-production between DAH Theater and 7 Stages Theater of Atlanta, USA. The theme of this performance is emigration, one of the burning topics in Yugoslavia today. Is it possible for artists to create outside of their home-country? What are the consequences of that decision?

Documents of Times (1999)

Performance created during the NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia, May-June 1999. A testament of reality dissolving in front of us, the impossibility of capturing a certain moment, and the need for a different kind of record.

Travelers (1999)

An on-going project- a concert-performance on the question of ‘why do people leave the country in which they were born?’ through the lenses of different cultures.

Angels in the Cities (1998)

An open-space performance in the city- the DAH angels arrive for a ritual cleansing- searching the city for places in need of cleansing from their history.

The Helen Keller Case (1998)

A story about the need for communication, the need to touch an other- told through moments of the biography of Helen Keller, a famous deaf and blind American author and advocate for human rights. Meeting across different times, imaginary and historical persons dance with darkness, casting their hopeful gazes toward the coming century. 

Angel’s Memories (1996)

An open-air performance adapted to the time and space in which it is played. Three actors impersonating angels strive to contact the public on the street, casting a glance back on the 20th century.

The Legend about the End of the World (1995)

Performance on the theme of trying to create a life on top of ruins- through the views of three women, who break the archtypical role for their differing cultures.

Zenith (1994)

“Zenith – the history of an inspiration ” is the story of the fate of artist Ljubomir Micic and the avant-garde at the beginning of the 20th century. 

 The Gifts from Our Ancestors (1992)

Based on excerpts from Momčilo Nastasijević, the founder of ‘magical realism’ in Serbian literature. The performance synthesizes contemporary theater with the specific roots of Serbian culture.

This Babylonian Confusion (1992)

This performance was determined by the pressures on an artist as a human being in dark times. Featuring anti-war poems of Bertolt Brecht.