The goal of DAH Theater’s work demonstrations is to discover parts of the creative process in theater, and thus instruct interested artists in some techniques in creating plays, as well as to interest the audience in new forms of theater.
The process of play-making in a theater like DAH lasts for several months, during which actors work simultaneosly on the perfection of their particular skills in the creation of new material from which their role is gradually built and on which the plays are based. Often the two processes intertwine, and work begun as classical training for actors develops into a character for a play, and vice-versa- from material meant to develop a character idea, techniques and skills are arrived at- which can always be used unrelated to that particular role and performance. It is because of the nature of this process that DAH’s work presentations present to the watcher an experience bordering always on a play.

Presentation of the work-process of actress Maja Mitić, in her roles with DAH THEATER. [1998 – 2006]


This actress has been with the troupe since its founding, making her debut in 1998, always in a process of continual change.

“Tucked away in research in the art to which I belong, I often encounter powerful, warm, frightening, and deep feelings, colors, thoughts, and memories. These encounters give me belief in what I do, because without them, I wouldn’t be in contact with myself. Working with DAH is for me like a deep-diving ocean expedition, and at the bottom I try to keep this fire going, and all of it lifts me above myself and my own life.” – Maja Mitić

Our actress has discovered different procedures by which the cold work of technique transforms into a living character.

A demonstration of the creative process of actress Sanja Krsmanović Tasić [2001- 2013]


In this working demonstration by actress Sanja krsmanovic Tasic passes the roles and characters that have lived through her body and voice, explains her path as the actress / shaman of DAH Theater.

In DAH Theatre she discovered a place for artistic, spiritual and professional development, and a place to express her opinion and believes about the surrounding reality, history and about life itself. Tasic performs experts of the perfromance she played in from 1993 .

Premiered in 2001 on 10th  anniversary of the theatre.