belgrade, JUNE 17-29, 2024

This year, DAH Theater is celebrating its 20th International School for Actors, Performers and Directors.

The previous three years brought us numerous limitations caused by the global pandemic, challenges that shaped our lives in many ways, hence our life in the theatre as well. Despite those challenges, we are continuing with our International School celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer!

About us

Who can apply?

Professionals or students (regardless of training or technique) including: actors, directors, dancers, choreographers. The program provides the choice whether acting or directing is best suited for them.

The DAH Theatre International School offers a new approach in which directors, actors, and dancers train together in creative physical and vocal exercises, from which new material for performances is drawn.

work program

Practical training in the studio

From 10.00 – 16.00 (Monday to SATURDAY)

During this period students will work with Dijana Milošević, director, actress Ivana Milenović Popović and Jadranka Andjelic, director. Work will involve all the different skills and techniques which compose acting, dance, or directing. The actor’s presence, translating different artistic forms onto the stage, and how personal biography can serve as a base for performance, will all be explored. The work program will also focus on the director’s approach to montage scenic material into a play or dance performance.

The work is designed to provide a comprehensive practical education in contemporary acting and directing:

• Body awareness, Movement and Physicality: Physical training on body awareness for exploring actors presence, difference between movement and action, how to work with energy in space and energy in time, developing a strong stage presence and physical communication skills.

• Voice and speech: Training in physical, vocal projection, diction, vocal actions

• Directing techniques: Devising technique, starting from the specific topic (one wants to deal with) and developing materials that would result in the performance, and montage technique which serves in composing the full performance.

Work on individual projects

The last five days, two hours of the program will be focused on individual projects in current progression or initiation of the new ones. This is a great opportunity to implement all the training and lessons you had in our School.

We offer you our mentorship in order to find how the process in the Int. School can be integrated and used in future work. You will work intensely with directors Dijana Milošević, Jadranka Andjelić, actress Ivana Milenović Popović, as well as the other professional actors of DAH theater.

Performances, Work presentations, Video projections, Lectures

Students will have the opportunity to watch current performances of DAH Theater, and to assist film projections and lectures from the artists of DAH and invited guest artists.

Weekend field trip included.

The working languages of the International School are both English and Serbian.

Participants Impressions

The methods of DAH Theater gave me new angles on how to approach and achieve presence on the stage, encouraged by the principles of balance and double direction, firmly based on the necessity of synergy between voice, movement, and intention. I discovered the strength of association and montage, the importance of trust and team work.

Ivan Nikolic, Serbia, actor

For an actor who wants to search for different approaches and techniques – DAH offers a wide range of opportunities to explore the body and voice in space. Learning the techniques and ways of creating acting materials, team work with people from all over the world, helps you understand the artistic uniqueness in each of them and how you can learn and collaborate at the same time. The feeling of belonging is what you feel as soon as you step into DAH.

Vedanth Ramesh, India, actor

After spending three years at their school, again and again I found myself among artists who are dedicated, experienced and politically enlightened.

Petra Adlerberth-Wik, Sweden, theatre director

DAH developed from the legacy of the Odin Theater, and Barba (director of the Odin Theater), from the productions of the Grotowski Theater. This fact meant something to me because in their methodology one can find a direct thread with the source of this type of technique (although DAH’s artists are unique in their work and originality.) They are serious (energetic and soulful) and great spirits, fearless and dear, and above all, interested in your work. It was very important to them that I could apply what I learned from them to my work during rehearsals for future projects.

Nick Rapp, USA, theatre director

International School led by actress Ivana Milenović Popović, directors Dijana Milošević and Jadranka Andjelić.