DAH Theatre is a professional theatre troupe and research center. Working at the crossroads between theatre, dance, and the visual arts, through dedicated team work, for 30 years DAH creates daring artistic forms that inspire personal and social transformation.

“I watched their performances that celebrate life. I think of courage, dignity, perseverance, artistic finesse and dark matter that transcends the boundaries of art. (…) They were, and remain, butterflies. Like a mystery, I watch them dream, how, flying out the window, they soar straight into History. ”- Eugenio Barba, director of the ODIN Theater

“DAH Theater is one of the most successful and innovative theater troupes in modern history. What makes DAH so remarkable? Their passion and creativity goes far beyond pure performance. ” – Dennis Barnett, professor of drama and theater, KOI College, USA

This 3rd edition of the Festival from June, 20-24, is inspired by Martin Niemöller’s poem First They Came and connect artists and human rights activists with each other and with the wider community. This year theme is Standing Up For Another is a Fight For Ourselves emphasising empathy and compassion, bringing humanity back to the forefront before selfish personal needs, glorified in our times of radical individuality.

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