Between 25. July and 1. August 2023, DAH Theatre participated on the International Festival Sommerwerft in Frankfurt, produced by PROTAGON, organisation of the AntagonAKTion Theatre. Created for the open space along the river Maine, the Festival is dedicated to promote the performing arts to a wider […]
In addition to presenting our performances, the third edition of the Art and Human Rights Festival takes place from June 20 to 24, in several venues in Belgrade. Inspired by Martin Niemoller’s poem “The First to Come” connects artists and human rights defenders with each other […]
The month of May we dedicated to the children rights and adults responsibility. In order to reflect and act against the wave of violence in Serbia, especially between young ones, we remind our audience on importance of preserving the humanistic education both for young and adult. […]
With the arrival of spring, we begin the season of playing our open-air performance DANCING TREES, in the Student Park in Belgrade. We are waiting for you on April 21 at 8 pm, free entry! We will be at the Center for Cultural Decontamination with a […]