On 2nd of March, at 20h, we perform in PAROBROD Cultural Center THE CONUNDRUM OF REVOLUTION, especialy created for that space, in 3 different rooms. Number of audience limited. The performance creates an alternative reality in which Rosa Luxembourg gets to meet revolutionaries and poets from […]
Designed for professionals or students (regardless of training or technique) including: actors, directors, dancers, choreographers. From 17 to 28 of June 2024, the program provides the choice whether acting or directing is best suited for them. The DAH Theatre International School offers a new approach in […]
At the Winterwerft Festival in Frankfurt, organized by Protagon e.V. we are participating with the play TERRA on February 11, as well as the LOSING GROUND symposium on February 9 [Natasa Novaković] and the body and voice techniques workshop on February 10 [Ljubica Damčević]. Together with […]
We will start the year with a multimedia installation SHE. AHEAD OF HER TIME, an original multimedia installation, which deals with women who were the pioneers in their fields and their work and still not sufficiently known and visible in Serbian cultural and historical heritage. January […]