June 8. we head to Crete, Heraklion [Greece] where OMMA Studio Theatre and Center of Theatre Anthropology host our 25 GLASSES OF WINE in Art Space HOROMORFES. Next days we will be involved in the project HOPE meeting, collaborative European project about History of Peace in […]
Designed for professionals or students (regardless of training or technique) including: actors, directors, dancers, choreographers. From 17 to 29 of June 2024, the program provides the choice whether acting or directing is best suited for them. The DAH Theatre International School offers a new approach in […]
In May, we play our shows – DANCING TREES, Student Park, Belgrade on May 17; THE CONUNDRUM OF THE REVOLUTION in Parobrod, Belgrade, May 17; FOR YOUR OWN GOOD at the Belgrade Dance Institute, May 21. From 10-13. In May, we are guests of the EXPLOREZ […]
On 9-13 April 2024, the second edition of the NEW EUROPEAN BAUHAUS FESTIVAL, organised by the European Commission in cooperation with Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU 2024, brings together actors from diverse fields, including science, art, design, architecture, and technology – from all […]
April is marked by the presentations of our open-air DANCING TREES. In Brussels at the NEW BAUHAUS FESTIVAL that is a unique combination of science, art, design, architecture and technology – on April 11 in Cinquantenaire Park. In Belgrade, we open the season in the Studens’ […]
The SPECTACOLO Project organises a free international online theatre educational program in the fields of costume design, stage makeup, lighting design and stage design. The educations are open to both professionals and those who want to swim in the theatrical waters! Applications dead line: March 22, […]
On 2nd of March, at 20h, we perform in PAROBROD Cultural Center THE CONUNDRUM OF REVOLUTION, especialy created for that space, in 3 different rooms. Number of audience limited. The performance creates an alternative reality in which Rosa Luxembourg gets to meet revolutionaries and poets from […]
At the Winterwerft Festival in Frankfurt, organized by Protagon e.V. we are participating with the play TERRA on February 11, as well as the LOSING GROUND symposium on February 9 [Natasa Novaković] and the body and voice techniques workshop on February 10 [Ljubica Damčević]. Together with […]
We will start the year with a multimedia installation SHE. AHEAD OF HER TIME, an original multimedia installation, which deals with women who were the pioneers in their fields and their work and still not sufficiently known and visible in Serbian cultural and historical heritage. January […]
On December 8 and 9 at the FASHIORATION – ONLINE FESTIVAL, discover more about the process of creating mini collections inspired by folk costumes, the workshops that participants went through, as well as old crafts that still have their own manufactures! Sign up here> December 9 […]
November is marked by cycle of lectures dedicated to the creation, concepts and power of contemporary performing arts, under title “Way Performing Arts are Still Today the Most Exiting Art”. Realised in collaboration with EU Info Center in Belgrade. Besides Dijana Milošević and Jadranka Anđelić directors […]
WHY THEATER IS STILL THE MOST EXCITING ART FORM? A series of four lectures on contemporary theater and performance in October and November 2023 at EU Info Center, Kralja Milana 7, Belgrade. Each lecture deals with one thematic unit. 26.10. THEATER THAT INTERVENES IN SOCIETY – […]
DAH Theatre is among the recipients of the Creative Tools for Social Change program of Moleskine Foundation that supports creative communities worldwide. The program is committed to donating every year thousands of creative tools: notebooks, cahiers, volant, and writing instruments to several non-profit organizations across Europe, […]
In the new season, we come back playing the open-door performance, Dancing Trees in the Student Park, on October 7 and 21. Participation of directors Jadranka Andjelić and Dijana Milošević at the CREATIVITY REVIVAL 2023 Conference organized by the MOLESKINE Foundation, in Milan [Italy] from 10-12. […]
Between 25. July and 1. August 2023, DAH Theatre participated on the International Festival Sommerwerft in Frankfurt, produced by PROTAGON, organisation of the AntagonAKTion Theatre. Created for the open space along the river Maine, the Festival is dedicated to promote the performing arts to a wider […]
In addition to presenting our performances, the third edition of the Art and Human Rights Festival takes place from June 20 to 24, in several venues in Belgrade. Inspired by Martin Niemoller’s poem “The First to Come” connects artists and human rights defenders with each other […]