DAH Theater research center has been participating in European projects since 2010, as a project holder or implementation partner.


Equality Ambassadors is a project that promotes democracy, equality and human rights through creativity and new digital technologies. It brings together five partner organizations from Ireland, Croatia, Serbia, Greece and Spain, where they work with young people, mostly the marginalized.


The Arts for Human Rights is a three-year transnational partnership project that uses the creative processes of theater, film and new digital technologies to promote learning and raise awareness of human rights and gender equality across Europe.

WALL JUMPERS – Mauerspringer 2018 – 2020

The project comes from the idea of a “wall” as a division in a social, political and individual sense. The goal is to overcome the walls through art, promote dialogue through creative and artistic experience, choosing the street as a place of conflict, encounter and artistic expression.

RIGHTS FOR CHILDREN – Rights4Kids 2018 – 2020

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the rights of children and the youth; to bring young people from vulnerable groups closer to the theater by enabling them to participate in the development of theater performances, not only as an audience, but also as participants.

beyond the chapters: accession to diversity 2017 – 2020

tHIS project IS A CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS to the eu accession processes, and the reform of society in Serbia through the application of EU norms and standards that promote cultural diversity as well as participatory democracy.

woman in an equal europe 2016 – 2017

The creative process with a feminist framework are mobilized to research and reflect on the experiences of women living in the European Union and the power of EU policies to promote gender equality, human rights and inclusion. This transnational project involves four European partners from Ireland, Spain, Croatia and Serbia and uses the creative processes of theater and film as well as online resources to promote a greater understanding of women’s rights and the positive changes that have taken place in the field of gender equality. .

in/visible city (Long -term project, ongoing since 2005)

Starting from the fact that our cities, in their distant past, and especially today, are multi-ethnic cities; with a large number of inhabitants of different origins and cultures, and that this consciousness has faded due to crises and wars that created multiethnic tensions and misunderstanding; we have created a project that deals with the promotion of different ethnic cultures that coexist today.

focus- for culture in serbia 2013 – 2015

DAH Theater and Group 484 set to work in Kruševac, Vranje, Novi Pazar and Užice, gathering together with professionals, activists, associates, colleagues and friends from the independent cultural and artistic scene, from cultural institutions and schools- to “conquer public space for the needs of culture and art!”

Empowering young women to monitor government policies in the field of gender equality
2012 – 2013

The aim of the project is to create a regional partnership of civil society organizations that will contribute to the implementation of gender equality laws, policies and action plans in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Networking Memories
2011 – 2012

The purpose of the project is to create a new and sustainable network between 8 civil society organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Kosovo and Serbia (DAH Theater) which aims to involve citizens in the concept and implementation of joint activities.

Supported by programs of European Union