Direction and dramaturgy: Dijana Milošević
Actress: Ivana Milenović Popović
Musician: Uglješa Majdevac
Music: P. I. Čajkovski, C. Nielsen, D. Brubeck, slovački folklorni motiv, Buldožer, W. Lutoslawski, I. Stravinski, U. Majdevac
Set design: Neša Paripović
Costume: Ivana Stanković
Light: Milomir Dimitrijević
Photo: Una Škandro
PR and organization: Nataša Novaković

Following texts have been used in the performance: Ivana Milenović Popović, the fragment from Hamlet by W. Shakespeare,  text by Irene Meier from the book Women’s Side of War, text by Jugoslav Hadžić from performance Dreams and Obstacles

DAH Theatre would like to thank to: Jadranka Anđelić, Zoran Lazović, Maja Mitić, Shira Wolfe

DAH Theatre’s special thanks go to Irina Kruzhilina for costume concept.

What happens when the character from the performance Dreams and Obstacles whirls around and around, only to find herself in the new performance Perchance to Dream?
That spin-off leads to new images that question leaving one’s own country, the life in art,
the possibility or impossibility of the choice, and the value of the dream.

Every day, on her way to her theatre, a young woman meets a man. Surrounded by his unpacked backpack and his instruments, a blanket with exotic ornaments draped over his shoulders, he plays. They do not share their mother tongue, but they share different languages that transcend speech. She tells him, or imagines to tell him, the story of her life. He replies with his music. They try to find the sense of their life choices in a world where people are forced to abandon their countries in order to save themselves, in a world where sometimes, it is more important to follow the thread of Shakespearian dreaming.