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We are specially proud about these three books:

“DAH Theatre A Source Book”, Dennis Barnett
Lexington Books, 2016

Edited by Dennis Barnett – Foreword by Eugenio Barba – Contributions by Elizabeth Carlin-Metz; Beth Cleary; Leigh Clemons; David Diamond; Jill Greenhalgh; Del Hamilton; Lyusyena Kirakosyan; Duca Knezević; Ruth Margraff; Ivan Medenica; Amy Sarno; Arthur Skelton; Max Stephenson and Shawn Womack

DAH Theatre: A Sourcebook is a collection of essays about the work of one of the most successful and innovative performance groups in contemporary history. With a direct line of descent from Jerzy Grotowski and Eugenio Barba, DAH Theatre, founded during the worst of times in the former Yugoslavia, amidst a highly patriarchal society, predominantly run by women, has thrived now for twenty-five years. The chapters in this book, for the most part, have been written by both theatre scholars and practitioners, all of whom have either seen, studied with or worked with this groundbreaking troupe.
What makes DAH so exceptional? The levels of innovation and passion for them extend far beyond the world of mere performance. They have been politically and socially driven by the tragedies and injustices that they have witnessed within their country and have worked hard to be a force of reconciliation, equity and peace within the world. And those efforts, which began on the dangerous streets of Belgrade in 1991, today, have reached throughout the world. Though they still make their home in Serbia, audiences from as far afield as New Zealand, Mongolia, Brazil and the U.S. have discovered their power – both in purely aesthetic terms and as passionate activists.

“Create”, Ronald Rand, Wyatt-Mackenzie Publishing, 2017

Sharing their insights on the process of creativity and the importance of the arts for humankind CREATE! features over 100 rare Interviews — actors, artists, choreographers, composers, dancers, designers, directors, musicians, composers, mime artists, playwrights, poets musicians, and writers — including Dijana Milosevic, DAH Theatre director


An Introduction to Transitional Justice provides the first comprehensive overview of transitional justice judicial and non-judicial measures implemented by societies to redress legacies of massive human rights abuse. Written by some of the leading experts in the field it takes a broad, interdisciplinary approach to the subject, addressing the dominant transitional justice mechanisms as well as key themes and challenges faced by scholars and practitioners.

Using a wide historic and geographic range of case studies to illustrate key concepts and debates, and featuring discussion questions and suggestions for further reading, this is an essential introduction to the subject for students.

Other books and publications on DAH Theatre

“An Introduction to Transitional Justice”, Olivera Simić, Routledge, 2017
“Theatre of War and Exile”, Domnica Radulescu, McFarland, 2015
“Out of Silence”, Caridad Svich, Eye Corner Press, 2012
“Acting Together”, Cynthia Cohen, Roberto Varea, Polly Walker, New Village,2011
“Dnevnik”, Kviria Kreativni Tim, Beograd, 2010
“Igra – odraz vremena sadašnjeg”, Milica Zajcev, UBUS, Beograd, 2009
“Performance and Theatre in Eastern Europe / Changing Scene”, Dennis Barnett /Arthur Skelton , Scarecrow Press, 2008
“Art and Upheaval”, Viliam Cleveland, New Village Press, 2008
“Srpske pozorišne nagrade”, Ratko Stojković, Beograd, 2008
“Frauen und Frauenorganisationen im Widerstand in Kroatien, Bosnien und Serbien”
Marijana Grasak, Ulrlike Reiman i Katrin Franke, 2007
“Infant prototip”, Simon Grabovac, Novi Sad, 2007
“Trasnglobal readings”, Caridad Svich, Manchester University Press, Manchester/New York 2003
“Semiološki krugovi – Film, Animacija, Strip, Pozorište, Televizija”, Zorica Jevremović, Institut za film, Beograd, Prometej, Novi Sad, 2001
“Radical Street Performances”, Jan Cohen-Kruz, Routledge London and New York, 1998


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