EQUALITY AMBASSADORS is a project that promotes democracy, equality and human rights through creativity and new digital technologies. [2020-2023]

It brings together five partner organizations from Ireland, Croatia, Serbia, Greece and Spain that work with young people, the most marginalized. The goal is to jointly design a new program “Training of peer ambassadors for European equality”, a book and a digital application.

The Equality Ambassador training curriculum is designed as an innovative training program that uses the creative processes of theater and new digital technologies to promote democracy, equality and human rights. The curriculum provides young people with knowledge about democracy, equality and human rights and the role of the EU in promoting these issues, and develops skills with young people to train them as ambassadors of equality.

Six international partnership exchanges will take place. Ten youth educators will be trained on how to implement the Equality Ambassadors curriculum with 200 students across Europe. The project will culminate at the International Youth Symposium in Dublin, Ireland in October 2021. Activities are open to educators, leaders, teachers, educators, moderators, artists, young people and anyone interested in creative arts, youth work and the promotion of democracy, equality and human rights.

PARTNERS: DAH Theater, Belgrade, Serbia; Danube Youth Peace Group, Vukovar, Croatia; KANE, Kalamata, Greece; IFESCOOP, Valencia, Spain