The European project MAUERSPRINGER comes from the idea of a “wall” as a division in the social, political and individual sense. The goal is to overcome the walls through art, promote dialogue through creative and artistic experience- choosing the street as a place of conflict, encounters, and artistic expression. DAH Theater is participating in the project with a play (performed on public transport) the “In/Visible City” as part of the European Street Theater Festival in Faenza, Italy. [2019 – 2020]


The concept of the “wall” has a broader meaning: there can be a wall between a play and its audience; a wall can exist between different artistic languages ​​such as theater, photography and video, between cultures of different origins living in Europe, between European countries and other countries outside the European border, or between different social groups in the community.

Using street theater, we want to promote and practice a participatory approach that aims to actively involve the audience (or part of it) in street performances through participation in theater workshops specifically aimed at “non-actors.” The public space, the street, is becoming a place where the theater intersects with other artistic languages ​​such as photography and video, which will establish a dialogue with the audience and theater performances by breaking down social and cultural barriers.

Three different creative sectors will find new forms to communicate and engage new audiences, to include social groups that are marginalized.


Production of street theater performances.

Creating participatory theater workshops with non-actors and migrants.

Presentation of street performances in the context of mini festivals in different partner countries.

Realization of video / photo narration focused on the story of the participants and their testimonies on the topic of the wall.

Creating a digital community that is stimulated to participate in the continuation of the project.

Production of the European Festival of Theater and Street Art in Italy and public presentation of the theater, video and photographic production of the project.

International conference on the socio-political theme of the “wall” and street theater and its role in the political and social debate in Europe.


Promoting intercultural dialogue.

Develop new forms of street performances to reflect on the physical and cultural barriers between individuals, social groups and ethnic groups.

Present street performances on the topic of “wall” in public spaces and open a dialogue with “non-specialized” and “non-selected” audiences.

Involvement of participants from different cultures in theater workshops.

Promoting tolerance and respect for others, openness and understanding for difference.