24 – 26 FEBRUARY 10.00-14.00

Breaking the Silence

This workshop is for students and performing arts professionals who are interested in discovering their potential as creators. Participants will be invited to investigate and create from the scene, especially as performers and authors, but they will also be able to present other proposals (musical, spatial, visual, etc.).

In this laboratory we will give voice to what has been silenced. That we could not say or what others silenced. We will talk about the big and the small. This workshop is based on feminist movements and in the current context of liberation of the word of women with respect to gender violence. In it we will also reflect on the new masculinities.

25 FEBRUARY 14.00-19.00

drag king workshop

The five-hour workshop – LEARNING ACCORDING ZED, is about the deconstruction of identity through the techniques of changing clothes and taking up space. Many of us often wonder what it would be like to allow ourselves to behave the way men most often behave in our private or public environment. Do we have that in us? And what exactly is “that”? Do we want “that” in our lives or not? Through the drag king workshop, we “cut” male gender identities in ourselves and the society and have a lot of fun.

We are trying to deconstruct that patriarchy that oppresses us, both outside and within ourselves. It is important for us to practically step into the world of transformation, to take time, to rejoice, play, and learn something new about ourselves.

SAVSKI TRG 16.00-20.00

Tell your Story

The workshop aims to encourage creative expression through theater techniques, storytelling skills, as well as creative writing, using one’s own experience. This kind of theatrical and narrative experience aims to connect through stories with a focus on community homogeneity and social inclusion.

Participants will be awarded  a small scholarships, priority is given to those who participated in the workshops at the Festival.