From June 21- 24, 2001, the DAH Theater celebrates ten years of its existence. The first theater laboratory in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia at the time of its creation, DAH broke through the barrier of institutional organization of theater and traditional theatrical language with its work and existence.


DAH Theater in its artistic process pushes the boundaries of modern expression in our country, extending the concept of theater to movement, dance, and music, which become an integral part of the play. Today, we can say that thanks to the existence and perseverance of the DAH Theater, the circle of theater troupes has expanded, so for the first time we can talk about the existence of a non-institutional contemporary theater scene in this area. Certainly the work of DAH has inspired and supported others in this direction of theater. DAH Theater is also one of the founders of the Association of Independent Theaters – ANET, in Belgrade.

Wider activities of DAH Theater, (workshops, guest performances, festivals) united in the CENTER FOR THEATER RESEARCH – have always been organized with awareness of the need for this environment to open, and learn about different trends and from artists who already represent the tradition of contemporary theater of the twentieth century. The workshops that we organized, ours and our guests, have been one of the oases of learning for young theater artists in Serbia in recent years.

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With this year’s meeting, DAH Theater continues the tradition of holding international meetings of contemporary theater artists, which began with the founding of the Center in 1993, as well as the Festival “Art Saves Life II” in 1993, “Art Saves Life III” 1994, and the International Theater Workshop Symposium of 1996.

In addition to theatrical performances and presentations of work, the round table brings together eminent domestic and foreign artists who will exchange thoughts on the mentioned topic through their experiences, as well as on the current cultural situation in Europe, Israel and the USA.


June 21, REX, “10 YEARS FOR DAH Theater”

“Sun and Moon” OM Theater (Denmark) – street parade

Bond Street Theatre (SAD) – street parade


June 21, GEOZAVOD – “Document of Times”, DAH Theater

June 22, National Theater – “Maps of Forbidden Memory”, 7 Stages (USA) and DAH TheaterJ

June 23, REX – “Landscape of Memory”, International Project (Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia),

June 24, National Theater – “Interrogations”, Yoshi Oida


June 22,  Magdalena Project, Jill Greenhalgh (UK)

June 22, REX- “Contemporary Theater Scene in Serbia”, ANET and CENPI

June 23, REX – Torgeir Wethal “The Path of Thought”, ODIN Theater (Denmark)

June 24, REX- Sanja Krsmanović Tasić “Singing Body, Dancing Voice”, DAH Theater (Yugoslavia)


June 20 – 22, REX –

Jill Greenhalgh (United Kingdom)

June 23 – 25, REX –

Brigitte Grimstad (Norway)

June 25 – 27, National Theater –

Yoshi Oida (Japan / France)


June 22 – 24, National Theater Belgrade

Topics include: experiences of contemporary theater, especially non-institutional, and their position today, artistic transformation and the search for “living” theater, the Alternative spirit in institutional forms and institutional professionalism in alternative forms of organization, new forms of organizing and networking artists, Cooperation with institutions and application of experiences in pedagogy.

Participants: Noel Witts, Concept Conference (Great Britain) Lena Ekhem, Dagaz Theater / The Natasha Project (Sweden) Sead Đulić, Mostar Youth Theater (B-H) Armin Hadžimusić, Mostar Youth Theater (B-H) Ron Jenkins, Wesleyan University, (USA) Torgeir Wethal, Odin Theater, (Denmark) Joanna Sherman, Bond Street Theater (USA) Del Hamilton, 7 STAGES (USA) Simon Grabovac, KC Novi Sad – INFANT (Yugoslavia) Nenad Colic, ANET / Blue Theater, (Yugoslavia) David Zinder , Tel Aviv University (Israel) Juan Loriente, actor (Spain) Zoran Popović, critic (Yugoslavia)


11th-27th of June, Cultural Center REX in Belgrade

IMPLEMENTATION SUPPORTED BY: Open Society Fund-Belgrade, Resaux Est Ouest, PRO HELVETIA, Switzerland, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade City Assembly, French Cultural Center-Belgrade, Danish Embassy-Belgrade, Arts International, GEOZAVOD, Electro-distribution Belgrade