Dijana Milošević [1961]

Director at the DAH Theater Research Center, professor at the Institute for Artistic Dance, Belgrade

Dijana Milošević is an award-winning theater director, writer and lecturer. She co-founded the DAH Theater Research Center in Belgrade, and has been its lead director for over 25 years.

Recipient of the Helena Vaz da Silva European Award ‘s Special Recognition in 2022.

Dijana has served as the artistic director of theater festivals, the president of the Association of Independent Theaters, the president of the board of BITEF Theater, and a member of the board of directors of the national International Theater Institute (ITI). She has been involved with several peacebuilding initiatives and collaborates with feminist-activist groups.

DAH Theater has performed nationally and internationally under Dijana’s directing. She has also directed plays by other theater companies around the world.

She is a well-known lecturer, who has taught at world-famous universities. She writes articles and essays about theater as well as society. She has won prestigious scholarships such as Fulbright and Arts Link. She is a professor at the Institute for Artistic Play in Belgrade.