Ivana Milenović Popović [1981]

Actress and Marketing Manager at DAH Theater

After graduating from the Faculty of Philology, the Department of Slovak Language and Literature at the University of Belgrade (2006), Ivana completed a master’s degree at the UNESCO Department of Cultural Policy and Management (2013) at the University of Arts in Belgrade and Lyon. She is currently on Phd studies in Dance and Performance Art at the Dance Institute in Belgrade.

She performed classical ballet (graduating from the “Lujo Davičo” Ballet School) and modern dance for more than ten years. She is a member of the Association of Dramatic Artists of Serbia (2010), with the status of independent artist.

As an actress and performer, she has participated in almost all performances of DAH Theater since 2005. Along with her artistic career at DAH Theater, she is also developing as an expert in the field of management and marketing in the arts.

She participates in the production, planning, organization, management and promotion of DAH Theater activities. Together with Dijana Milošević, she leads the International School of Acting at DAH Theater.

A jack of all trades, Ivana also handles the design, production, fundraising, management and implementation of national, international and EU projects for DAH Theater.

Ivana has attended and participated in numerous local, regional, and international seminars and conferences on contemporary theater, culture and politics, management in culture, intercultural dialogue, cultural diplomacy, politics of memory, and sustainable development.

Her research interests include contemporary theater and activism, politics of memory and peace-building through art, and the concept of sustainable development in culture, and independent theater.