Milica Petrović [1991]


She graduated in 2014 in the class of Mirjana Karanović at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade, and since then she has participated in numerous theater and film projects.

In addition to acting, she is interested in organization and communications, so she joined the DAH Theater team in 2020 as an external associate for audience development at the first Arts and Human Rights Festival organized by DAH Theater. Since then, she has been a part of several European projects, and her first acting challenge at the DAH Theater is performance YOU MUST BE A ZENITIST! which takes a special place in her heart.

Her interests extend to other fields of art, such as music and writing. For her artistic expression, she likes to say that the seed has just sprouted, and in accordance with that, she examines different fields of creativity, all with the goal of finding her authentic expression.