This lecture-performance was developed in the context of DAH Theater beginning its fourth decade of action. Written and performed by director Dijana Milošević, 25 Glasses of Wine is based on autobiographical texts in which she discusses the trials and adventures of a theater troupe working in the historical-political context of ‘a country which no longer exists.’ The existence and development of the theater troupe itself reflects the history of this country, as well as the global moment in which we live.

Dedicated to Jadranka Anđelić and Maja Mitić, with whom this all began, and Neša Paripović, who gives everything a glow.

Text: Dijana Milošević
Dramaturgy: Dubravka Knežević
Music: Nebojša Ignjatović and the Secondhanders group
Translation: Donka Torov

Performance supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia