An open-space performance in which the angels of DAH Theater arrive in city scenes in need of being ‘cleansed’ of their history. The angel’s have their own ritual ‘cleansing’ to perform here. As the sun sets, four figures emerge with the tools of four of our own modern rituals: the broom, the newspaper, the garbage can, and the pillow. Somewhere a gramophone plays, music calls. It is time to go back. [1998]

DAH Theater’s angels return to the open air of the city, to inspect areas in need of a cleansing of their history. Arriving in the garb of soldiers and wanderers, the angels study the city’s biography, take measure and note what needs to be cleaned and dealt with. When the job is done and the scenes have received their ritual cleanse, the angel’s dance and prepare to return.

“We played with the idea of historical ‘cleansing,’ thinking that our society cannot advance until we become aware of the layers of history that have happened here, which is often stormy, bloody, and difficult. In the performance we cleansed ourselves of history, and cleaned history itself. In a different sense one could say that we played with the process of healing.” – Dijana Milošević

Angels: Vladan Avramović, Sanja Krsmanović Tasić, Maja Mitić, Alister O’loughlin
Direction and scenarist: Dijana Milošević
Musicians: Ana Glišić, Časlav Glišić
Costume design: DAH Teatar and Jasmina Baoua

Realization support by:
Belgrade Summer Festival