An open-space performance, adapted to the conditions in which it is conducted. Three actors interact as angels with people on the street, reflecting back with them on the 20th century. [1996]

Three actors as angels are intermediaries between people and ideas, Heaven and Earth. These angels have fallen to Earth in a time demanding that people take sides, which our angels cannot do. They remember their different lives on Earth and live fragments of their broken memories. Memories of dark times, memories of a performance as artists impersonating angels, memories of all of us. They are the bridge between the worlds above and below.

The angels sing, listen to the opera, perform parts of their play, dance, and mourn. They speak an angelic language which can only be understood by the heart. They offer their love. At the same time they admonish the people and call for them to awaken, because without human beings they cannot exist. 

Who ever cries somewhere in the world, who ever cries without reason in the world, cries because of me.

Whoever laughs somewhere in the night, who laughs without reason in the night, is laughing at me.

Whoever walks somewhere in the world, who without reason roams around the world, is coming to me.

Whoever is dying somewhere in the world, who without reason dies in the world, is looking at me.

– Rajner Maria Rilke (The Serious Moment)

“After the play Angel’s Memories, by the world-famous DAH Theater, ten minutes had passed since three angels left the venue in the courtyard of the Veljković Pavilion with all the globe beneath their feet. Three spectators wondered aloud: “And will they return? ” We asked them who are those, who expect the angels to return among us, already well-frozen spectators, well after midnight. They were a second-year architecture student, a forestry freshman and a high school student. A real audience, with pure hearts and fairy-tale views of the world, a world of reality touched by the magic of theatrical play. ”
– Zorica Jevremović (Awaiting angels, Ludus, 10/15/1996)

Performers: Sanja Krsmanović Tasić, Valentina Milivojević, Maja Mitić
Direction and dramaturgy: Dijana Milošević and Jadranka Andjelić
Objects: Neša Paripović
Costumes: Dah Theater and Antonella Diana
Texts: Octavio Paz, Jose Anhel Valente, Rainer Marija Rilke, Sam Shephard, the Bible
Realization supported by the Open Society Fund, Belgrade