The performance “Crossing the Line” is based on texts from the book Women’s Side of War, edited by the Women in Black organization (2007). The book is a collection of women’s authentic testimonies about wars which occurred on the soil of the former republic of Yugoslavia from 1991-1999, continuing on in further one-year research by Women in Black in cooperation with Feminist Non-Governmental Organizations involved in human rights and facing the past. [2009]

The texts in the book are (mostly) already published in the various anthologies and other publications of these NGO’s, and consist of testimonies, confessions, letters, and memories that show the specifics of women’s suffering in war, their courage and strength to overcome war trauma and establish normal life again; with the final stroke being the importance of solidarity with women beyond all boundaries and divisions.

All testimonies are first-person, without comment or any further usage and abuse.

The main goal of the performance is to establish a process of dealing with the past. The performance aims to reach the audience not only on a verbal but primarily on an emotional and psychological level- and to stimulate women to start speaking, to mark their experiences, and through confession of their own sufferings, be further able to recognize the sufferings of others. The performance is designed to develop solidarity and to arrive at insight about the essence of violence in war, for women to be more active in democratic processes, to participate in building righteous and long-lasting peace.

Dramaturgy and direction: Dijana Milošević
Performers: Maja Vujović, Sanja Krsmanović Tasić, Ivana Milenović Popović
Scenography: Neša Paripović
Costume: Dah Theater Research Center
Sound: Jugoslav Hadžić
Lights: Radomir Stamenković

Realization support by: The Women’s Reconstruction Fund