Dancing Trees is a site-specific dance theatre show created in collaboration with the Belgrade Dance Institute, which explores the importance of trees preservation. The show engages 7 performers, with the original music, and it aims to sensitize the audience and encourage initiatives in defence against excessive tree felling. In addition to the performances in the parks, the Project includes talks, a digital platform, a webinar, a video film and other activities that connect art and ecology.

DANCING TREES is one of five five international projects awarded by the FIXING THE FUTURE program of Austrian Radio Ö1 / ORF. It was invited to be presented at the Innovation Festival “Market of the Future” in Graz, from 1 to 3 October 2021.

The Project includes the out door performance, conversations with citizens, round tables with experts, activists and artists about climate change and tree protection, the webinar “Create Your Own Action “, media campaign with a digital platform that will connect artists, activists and citizens. In addition, the documentary about the Project and the short film based on the performance were created.

The performance uses a poetry and fact about trees that have their “life”, interwoven with memory, communication, care for young and breathing that releases oxygen – so necessary for the human survival. But also the worrying information about the tees cutting. One of the initial inspirations is the book by German forest engineer Peter Wohlleben, “The Hidden Life of the Trees”, together with other sources and researches.

We are witnessing excessive trees cut down in our city in order to build shopping malls, garages, gondolas and other tourist attractions. Is Belgrade gradually becoming a city of concrete? Faculty of Forestry (University of Belgrade) data shows that in 2018, 19% more trees were cut down than in previous years. In 2019 increased for more 2% and the tendency continues. Global deforestation continues at an alarming rate: 7-8 million hectares of forests are destroyed every year, which is approximately the size of Portugal.

Trees not only provide us with oxygen, they also have a number of characteristics important for our spiritual and physical health. 60% of medicines come from trees, and the latest research shows even more. Experts warn that consequences of the Global deforestation are far-reaching – from air pollution to floods, wildfires and complete destruction of ecosystems on the Earth. Trees are an important factor in the fight against rising global temperatures, due to their ability to absorb carbon dioxide. The authors say that planting trees is currently the most efficient solution for climate change in the world. Researchers claim that if the world wants to limit the growth of temperatures by one and a half degrees by 2050, it is necessary to plant another billion hectares of forests.

How to raise awareness of that importance? This Project is one course of action.

Our project aims to sensitize the audience and encourage urban initiatives in defence against excessive tree felling . By using creative ways, the project wants to inspire resistance and to motivate citizens to connect and network, be proactive in the defence of trees and forests.

Direction and Dramaturgy:
Dijana Milošević and Jadranka Anđelić
Vladimir Čubrilo, Đurđija Jelenković, Ivan Nikolić, Miona Petrović,
Ivana Milenović Popović, Zoran Vasiljević
Texts and sources:
Peter Wohlleben „The Hidden Life of Trees“; Diana Beresford Kroeger
„To Speak for the Trees“; Hermann Hesse „About Trees“; Manoel Penna “Street Tress”;
Affonso Romano Sant’Anna “Arboreal Love”;
Miona Petrović “Message to the Trees”; material from internet
Music: Ivana Stefanović
Electronic: Dragan Mitrić
Voices: Ivana Milenović Popović, Ivan Nikolić, Neša Paripović, Miona Petrović, Milan Popović,
Vid Popović, Aleksandar Vasiljević, Andrija Vasiljević, Zoran Vasiljević
Vocal: Ljubica Damčević
Sound design: Zoran Jerković
Video, projections, mapping: Jelena Rubil
Costume: Ivana Samolov
Object doll: Snežana Arnautović
Light design: Milomir Dimitrijević, Radovan Samolov

Organisation and Production: Nataša Novaković, Milica Petrović
Director’s assistants: Rumena Šopova, Ana Bošković
Technical Production: Milomir Dimitrijević, Radovan Samolov
Technical support: Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade
Text recording and technical support: Zoran Vasiljević
Translation from Portuguese: Jovan Tatić and Jadranka Andjelić
Finance: Dragana Živanović Marketing: Ivana Milenović

PR: Tanja Rapp
Social Networks: Aleksandra Atanacković
IT support: Miloš Jovanov (Green Friends)
Photography: Djordje Tomić
Graphic design: škart Film

Film Director: Strahinja Savić
Camera and Editing : Una Škandro
Sound recording and design: Aleksa Račić
Camera assistant : Bogdan Spasojević
Light: Gavrilo Nenadović, Marko Jahura


The Project supported by: ITAC – Climate Impact; Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs; International Relief Fund of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe Institute, and other partners: http://www.goethe.de/relieffund; City of Belgrade – Secretary for Culture; Ministry of Culture and Information of Republic of Serbia.

Performing in Serbia supported by:

Thanks to Museum of Contemporary Arts Belgrade, UK Parobrod, Ivana Abramović.

Spacial thanks to composer Ivana Stefanovic.