‘Dreams and Obstacles’ is an experimental performance, a blend between autobiographical performance and work demonstration- on the theme of the ‘becoming’ of the artist.  The performance follows the development of a dream and its gradual realization on the stage. Historical events of her country break through the personal stories being related by the artist, influencing her development- a blend of the ‘little’ history of the person and the ‘big’ history all around her. [2012]

During the two decades of its existence, DAH Theater has created a specific style and method of work based on the conveyance of knowledge, constant professional development, and ‘learning to learn.’

An important goal of this performance is to enlighten the audience on how history has its affects on the most personal aspects of our lives, and in light of this fact, the imperative of being responsible. Alongside this theme was the desire of DAH Theater to discover parts of the creative process in theater, the interest of her artists in working with different techniques of performance, and interesting the public in a new form of theater.

The performance premiered on the 27th and 28th of December, 2012, at DAH Theater.

Texts from DAH Theater’s performances: The Nastasijević Code – Stanislav Vinaver, Momčilo Nastasijević; Crossing the Line – Women’s Side of War; The Story of Tea – A.P. Chekhov’s Three Sisters; In/Visible City – Zuzana Chalupova; Tender, Tender, Tenderly – parts of song lyrics of the bands Ekatarina Velika and Šarlo akrobata.

Music from DAH Theater’s performances: In/Visible City, In Search of the City, The Nastasijević Code and Tender, Tender, Tenderly.

Director and dramaturgy: Dijana Milošević
Performers: Jugoslav Hadžić and Ivana Milenović Popović
Text: Jugoslav Hadžić and Ivana Milenović Popović
Scenography: Neša Paripović
Costume Design: Dijana Milošević
Music: Jugoslav Hadžić
Organization and Public Relations: Tanja Brešan and Jelena Ćetković
Assistant director: Mladen Lukešević
Construction of Scenography: Miroslav Popović and Rajka Sokić
Costume Construction: Rajka Sokić and Danilo Milosavljević

Realization supported by: Association of the Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia