A poetic summit on the mysteries of disaster, resilience and beauty. Co-production between DAH Theatre (Belgrade, Serbia), 7 Stages (Atlanta, USA), Café Antarsia (Chicago, USA). Observing our poisoned planet, two theater troupes and a musical ensemble have joined forces this January (2014) in Belgrade to research the mystery of resilience and beauty inside a catastrophe. The idea behind them was the good deeds that people did in their countries, often in very difficult conditions, after or during disasters. [2015]

“The sky’s gone black. The ground is toxic. Clean water is contraband and ransom. Survivors gather for a final interrogation of good and evil, the madness of love, and the future of the soul.” [from the performance]

The goal of the artists in this performance was to inspire the public and our communities, emphasizing the possibility of the choice; to do good deeds that encourage humaneness.

After nearly two years, during which the artists involved met in Serbia and the United States, “Previously Blue/Nekada Plavo,” is ready to premiere – a performance that is just one of the fruits of cooperation between DAH Theatre from Belgrade, 7 Stages from Atlanta and the Ensemble Café Antarsia from Chicago. DAH Theatre and 7 Stages have collaborated together for two decades, with each project resulting in a tour around the world. This relationship is a true example of a successful cultural diplomacy.

After its premiere in Belgrade, held on on 21 and 22 August 2015, the performance was played in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) at 7 Stages Theater in late August, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (USA) at Coe College in early September, and finally in Chicago, Illinois (USA) at Links Hall in mid-September.

Text: Ruth Margraff (Café Antarsia/Art Institute, Chicago, USA)
Direction and dramaturgy: Dijana Milošević (DAH Teatar, Belgrade, Serbia)
Performers: Faye Allen (7 Strages Theater, Atlanta, USA), Del Hamilton (7 Stages Theater, Atlanta, USA), Maja Mitić (DAH Theater), Ruth Margraff (Café Antarsia/Art Institute, Chicago, USA), Nicos Brisco (Café Antarsia, Chicago, USA)
Scenography: Neša Paripović (DAH Teatar)
Music: Ruth Margraff and Nicos Brisco
Lights: Milomir Dimitrijević and Mladen Lukešević
Photography: Una Škandro
Organization and Public Relations: Nataša Novaković
Assistant director and Public Relations: Ivana Milenović Popović
Technical director: Mladen Lukešević
Supervisor: Heidi Howard
Stage construction: Zoran Lazović and Željko Debeljović
Costume: Ivana Stanković