A play about artistic cooperation and the creative process between an actress and a director, on the subject of missing persons. A reflection on the power and fragility of memory, on the meaning of disappearance, and the possibility of transformation. The performance “The Shivering of the Rose” deals with the memory kept by the families of the missing, especially women in these situations. [2014]

The disappearances of closest ones are tragic events for their families, who remain in the dark, their only consolation the memories of the victims and the hope that everything will be resolved someday. The resolution process requires a time during which these memories fade, along with historical truths that are also forgotten, and erased. The deep wounds caused by disappearances do not cease to undermine relations between groups and nations, sometimes decades after those disappearances, and prevent society from beginning the healing process. Art, and especially theatrical art, has the opportunity to notice and in some way become aware of those efforts through the living word and presence in the play.

Testimonies provided by: Samra Alić, Olgica Božanić, Ema Čekić, Cica Janković, Dragica Majstorović, Slavica Marinković, Beška Avdić, Ismeta Dardagan, Fadila Grahić, Hahifa Hasanović, Enisa Hasanović, Mirsada Lupić, Mevludin Lupić, Šifa Musić, Ajka Selimović, Mevla Selimović, Suvada Selimović i Zarfa Suljić.

Excerpts from: “Circle of Love Over Death: Testimonies of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo” by Matilde Mellibovsky; “I Remember Julia: Voices of the Disappeared” by Eric Stener Carlson; “A Single Numberless Death” by Nora Strejilević; “The Art of Truth – Telling about Authoritarian Rule” edited by Ksenija Bilbija, Jo Ellen Fair, Cynthia E. Milton and Leigh A. Payn; “On the Heights of Despair” by Emil Cioran; “Funes The Memorious” by H.L. Borhes; “Nemesis” by Richard Muller; “Wisdom from the Earth” by Anna Voigt and Nevill Drury; with original texts by the artists of DAH Theater.

To say that the play “The Shivering of the Rose” by DAH Theater is among the best in our theater does not mean much, or, perhaps, means everything. The first concerns the poor condition of our theater, and the second is that in spite of everything (and in spite of everyone) – “it speaks the word”. (…) And this play, precisely designed to the end, with a level of performance that is the pearl of our theater, does not stop us from wondering. (…) This is a show about bread and herbs, about bones and seeds, a show that they do, that they watch, loved by those who will not stop wondering, who know what they won’t quit exaclt because they are one big- YES.” – Vladimir Kolarić, writer and film theorist

For the performance ‘the shivering of the rose’ dah theater was nominated for the prestigious award “Teatro Nudo di Teresa Pomodoro” in milan, italy.

Concept: Dijana Milošević and Maja Mitić
Performers: Nemanja Ajdačić – ‘Those who are and are not’ / Violinist
Dijana Milošević – Director
Maja Mitić – A woman several centuries old, who has already seen it all
Scenography: Neša Paripović
Sound: Jugoslav Hadžić
Photography: Una Škandro
Assistant Director: Mladen Lukešević
PR and organization: Ivana Milenović Popović and Nataša Novaković
DAH Theater would like to thank:
Claudia Bernardi, Jaya Hartlein, Marija Muždalo, Louisa Sanfey, Aleksandra Stojanović, Žene u crnom/ Women in Black, Donka Torov, Lidija Mavra, Radosav Majdevac.

DAH Theatre’s special thanks go to all those who have given us their trust and shared with us their testimonies.

Realization Supported by: The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia