A story about the human need of communication and the necessity of contact with the OTHER- told through moments from the biography of Helen Keller, the famous deaf-blind American writer and human rights activist. Meeting in different planes of time, imaginary and historical characters dance in darkness, their eyes watching for the age to come when the song is heard – the cry of the Black Lady, the one who gives all and takes all away. [1998]

“The process of historical progress raises humanity to new points of view, where a new light  illuminates the old world which was dark… I believe we are now living in one of these rebirths. Every rebirth arrives on Earth with a shout, the shout of the human spirit to be free.”

“One of the guiding thoughts of Helen Keller, the deaf-blind American writer and fighter for social justice, which ran as follows: “Life is an adventure, or it’s nothing.” This statement was surely on the minds of the artists of DAH Theater, when they sought light in darkness and music in silence in their latest performance, “The Helen Keller Case.” The author of the scenario and director of the play, Dijana Milošević, had truly excellent colleagues who surely enjoyed the year-long preparation of the performance by searching for their inner view and passion. With a very fine sense for measurement, scenic atmosphere, and mise-en-scene, Dijana Milošević has us bewitched at the very beginning, when her characters emerge from the darkness. Helen Keller is played with a spiritual ecstasy which you must believe by actress Sanja Krsmanović Tasić. She hovers over the scene with grace, beauty, and natural elegance, giving us to believe that her blindness and deafness only opened her view of her self and the world around her, which she embraces with love. Anny Sullivan is nobly played in the shadows by the outstanding actress Maja Mitić.”

– Milica Zajcev (Naša Borba, 5/18/1998.)

“In their specifically stylish and poetic way, DAH Theater has created a gloriously gentle performance, a dramatic collage of words, image, and movement; a layered telling of the story of two beings, two women, and their intertwined lives. Their mythological closeness is an epic story of the strength, endurance, and perseverance of one, and a Christian fairy tale of selfless giving, martyrdom, and amazing love of the other. Dijana Milošević, Vladan Avramović, Sanja Krsmanović-Tasić, Tina Milivojević, Maja Mitić and Alister O’loughlin use their sensitive potential, youth, and freshness as a ray of light in the darkness of the world.  That is why we are going to meet them with open hearts.”

– Milorad St. Ilić (Politika, 5/9/1998.)

Performers: Vladan Avramović, Sanja Krsmanović-Tasić, Maja Mitić, Alister O’Loughlin,Tina Milivojević / Kathy Randels
Scenario and Direction: Dijana Milošević
Music: Tina Milivojević
Scenography: Neša Paripović
Lights: Radomir Stamenković
Prop Construction: Nikola Tasić – ARBOS
Texts: William Blake, Madelin Gins, Helen Keller, Annie Sullivan, Emmanuel Swedenborg
Poetry: H.L. Borges, Lao Tzu, J. Rumi, P.B. Shelley

Realization Supported by: The Open Society Fund, Belgrade