The play deals with the problem of creating life on top of fresh ruins- by the vision of three modern women through whom archetypes from different cultures in the world are refracted. The three women remain on the ruins of the temple – it can be a church of any religion, a library, their home or the interior of themselves. They try to create a life on these ruins, to preserve and acquire the knowledge that will guide them, despite obstacles. [1995]

They remember their past, the traditions, legends and myths of various cultures. They seek to remind themselves of the hidden meaning of colors and gestures, songs, dances, searching for a way to continue Life. Archetypal triads from mythology and literature are reflected through these three modern women: Cassandra-Arizba-Panthesilea; Three Moires: past – present – future; Goddesses Kali-Shakti-Durga; and Clara-Blanca-Alba from the “House of Ghosts”.

LEGEND OF THE END OF THE WORLD has been performed in various parts of Yugoslavia as well as: Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain (Edinburgh Festival), Romania (International Festival in Sibiu), Greece and the USA (Arts Festival Atlanta, 7 Stages Theater).

“In one enigmatically beautiful image, they pour out bags of salt to form a massive hieroglyph round a miniature town square, itself harboring their treasured photographs. It’s an image of desolation, isolation, yet somehow of hope, and out of the anguish emerges a forceful plea for life.”
– Glasgow Herald (8/30/1995)

“This is DAH Theater performing “The Legend About the End of the World,”, an exotic mix of mythological storytelling and primal dance-theater. Many of the themes reflect the confusion and madness of the war in the former Yugoslavia, the troupe’s home.” – Amber Scott (Austin American Statesman, 8/14/1996)

Performers: Sanja Krsmanović Tasić, Valentina Milivojević, Maja Mitić
Direction and scenario: Jadranka Anđelić and Dijana Milošević
Scenography and costumes: Antonella Diana
Music: Nenad Jelić (original songs), traditional songs from Serbia, Irish lullabies
Texts: “Cassandra” Kriste Wolf, “The House of Spirits” Isabel Allende, poetry of Constantine Cavafy and Zvonka Tarla, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Tibetan legends about the End of the World, the Bible

Realization Supported by The Open Society Fund, Serbia/ Belgrade