The writers of this performance, Sanja Krsmanovic Tasić and Maja Mitić, actresses at DAH Theatre, deliver an important message to children and their parents in a witty and warm manner through the language of theater and art, on the beauty of relationships with animals. They convey a message of the importance of growing up with pets, the importance of developing responsibility and care of one another, and the ability to love, mourn, rejoice. [2009]

What would happen if cartoon characters would become real and alive? Would they, through their relationship and dialogue, quarrel and song, laughter and a few tears, discuss important questions like: What is happiness? What is friendship? Would they approach ecology, the truth about witches, roam through Ancient Egypt, sail the sea? In the end they would become aware of what responsibility and the care for the other mean, the acceptance and openness towards the other and those who are different from one’s self. Our lonely characters in the end realize that it is more meaningful to live in company of a friend, and maybe a cat.

“When I was little my mother invented a thousand and one reasons not to allow me to have a pet. Secretly, in a matchbox, I created a space for my pet, I even made it a bed! Because I could not have a dog or a cat I found an ant that I kept in that tiny box. But he could not stay long in those conditions, and he died. I was desperate. But after a while, the sadness disappeared, and the memory of Toza, the ant, that box of matches, my secret persistence to take care of someone, remained.” – Maja Vujović

“It is most important to have close contact with animals our entire life. Our care and the relation we have with them ennobles us , makes us better and happier. This performance was created and based on intimate and important conversations between Maja and me, often on the many travels and tours of DAH Theater. When we missed our children, our loves and, of course, our pets. It was also created from our great wish to speak and relate to the youngest audience. I look forward to every performance and every child’s smile!” – Sanja Krsmanović Tasić

Dramaturgy, direction, and acting: Sanja Krsmanović Tasić i Maja Vujović
Animation and program design: Anastasia Tasić
Music: Aleksandra Đokić
Design and construction of wigs: Dragana Lađevac
Costumes: DAH Theater
Scenography: Nikola Tasić and Vladimir Lukešević
Light Design: Radomir Stamenković
Technical support: Jugoslav Hadžić
Organization and PR: Stefan Mladenović