The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the rights of children and the young; to bring young people from vulnerable groups closer to the theater by enabling them to participate in the development of theater performances, not only as an audience, but also as participants. As part of the project, DAH Theater is creating a performance for young people and adults, “For Your Own Good”. [2018 -2020]

Rights 4 kids on line Festival will take place on Friday 20th November on the the occasion of World Children’s Rights Day.

The Festival will be the arrival point of the project. In view of the current health emergency, it was decided to make it online on the morning of Friday 20th November. The project partners will be present and will tell about their activities and the creation of the shows, with audio and video support.


The Convention on the Rights of Children has established guidelines to explain what violations of children’s rights are, an issue that is unfortunately still relevant worldwide. Some important laws have been approved, but still some remain too general and many are still not respected.

The right to education, the principle of non-discrimination (according to which all children should have the same rights without distinction of race, sex, language and religion), the fight against child exploitation, and the rights of children with disabilities, remain a problem in modern Western society. Even if the articles of the Convention apply to all children, there are some specific groups of children from vulnerable populationos whose rights continue to be violated.


  • Encourage children to think about their rights and share their experiences and stories.
  • Raise awareness of the Convention on the Rights of Children
  • Promote understanding and awareness of the value of art in the educational process.
  • Developing the ability of people working in culture and the creative sector to use theater and culture to promote the social inclusion of children.
  • Encourage children who live in difficult conditions to participate in the development of a theater play not only as an audience but also as co-authors, thus developing their self-esteem and creativity.