SHE. AHEAD OF HER TIME is an original multimedia installation, which integrates exhibition, live performance, installation, video works, and photography. This work deals with women who were the pioneers in their fields in Serbian society. Even though their achievements were significant for our culture, their work is still not sufficiently known and visible in Serbian cultural and historical heritage.

The project is intended for gallery spaces. The artists in the project use a contemporary artistic language that has the potential to draw the attention of a younger audience to the achievements of women who are part of our cultural heritage, but have not been given the importance and visibility they deserve. The inspiration and reason for the project are the life and work of women who worked in the periods of construction and modernization of civil society, who pushed the boundaries in their fields and were very often the first women who worked in certain fields – ahead of their time. We dedicate this project to them as well as to our contemporaries.

The installation consist of several rooms and each room will be dedicated to one or more of the women who are the inspiration for the work. Neither performative nor audio/visual works have a biographical approach, but a conceptual and transformative approach, which brings artistic originality to every element-part of this multimedia project.

Concept and Direction: Jadranka Anđelić i Dijana Milošević

Music performance REACH BY VOICE: Ljubica Damčević – inspired by Ljubica Marić, the first Serbian woman composer.

Scenic intervention LIFE AS A REBELION: Ivana Milenović Popović – Inspired by Jelisaveta Načić, the first Serbian woman architect.

Scenic intervention FEAR OF FLYING: Milica Petrović – Inspired by Danica Tomić, the first Serbian woman pilot.

Interactive performance IN THE SALON OF PATROARCHY: Zoran Vasiljević –Inspired by patriarchal way of thinking.

Performance TRANSPOSITION OF TRANSPOSITION: Snežana Arnautović Stjepanovic, Ivica Stjepanovic and Teodor Stjepanovic – inspired by Beta Vukovic and Jelena j.Dimitrijevic

Performance Installation SONJA’s BRIDGE: Zoe Gudović a.k.a Zed Zeldich Zed, inspired by Sonja Drljevic

Photography J.Š : Nemanja Maraš, inspired by Jelena Šantic

Interactive Sound Installation WAVE: Dijana Mitrović

Video FIRST: Jelena Rubil, inspired by women ahead pf their time

Music: Ljubica Damčević, Ljubica Marić

Light design: Milomir Dimitrijević i Radomir Samolov

Women Costume: P….S…. Fashion [Collection Reflection]

Costume adaptation and head accessories: Ferenc Varga

Production manager: Nataša Novaković

Technical production: Milomir Dimitrijević i Radomir Samolov

Marketing manager: Ivana Milenović Popović

Audience development: Milica Petrović

Social networks and production assistant: Meri Zec

PR: Tanja Rapp

Financial manager: Dragana Živanović

Finansijsko-administrativna asistentkinja / Financial and administrative assistant: Lidija Stojanović Janković

Photo documentation: Nata Korenovskaia

Video documentation: Aleksandar Milošević

Graphic design: Andrej Dolinka