The performance connects gardening, plants cultivation, land (lat. TERRA) with stories about migrations and immigrants. It contemplates effort, pain, and adjustment it takes to be “transplanted” during the process of migration, especially when that movement has been involuntary.

Apart from reminding the audience about the mass migrations we have been facing in the recent years (as well as earlier in history), the performance strives to awaken empathy with people that were ” transplanted”, through movement, songs, contact with the plants, earth and water by actress and musician Ljubica Damčević. The perfromance includes videos in which documentary materials are intertwined just as the fates of emigrants.

“The motivation behind the creation of the performance TERRA is a need to talk about migrants and migration in more compassionate way. We live in the times of global overwhelming amount of information through the access to numerous medias and digital platforms. This makes today some facts and stories quickly accessible and more difficult to hide (like the violence, wars, atrocities, crime witnessing etc.) but on the other hand it seems does not contribute to the general understanding of the Other and to the feelings and actions of solidarity and help.

The statistics and TV reports do not speak as loud as we would like, even they are alarming. Forced displacement has doubled in the last decade. With numbers estimated to have passed 80 million in mid-2020, we are becoming accustomed to the suffering of the refugees and migrants all around the world.

The performance TERRA is directed to the place in our mind and heart that has a capacity to feels other’s pain, and alerts for necessity to care about humans and plants equally. It calls to wake up for the urgency to care about our natural environment, our planet and for our fellow citizens that are looking for the new land.” [J.Andjelic]


PERFORMER: Ljubica Damčević

SONGS: Traditional songs from Syria, Corsica, Sardinia, Cyprus, Jewish

PLANTS: Chlorophytum comosum [Spider plant], Nephrolepis exaltata[Fern],

Amaryllis, Calluna Vulgaris [Heather], Bromeliaceae [Bromelia] , Thuja, Hibiscus

TEXT MONTAGE: Jadranka Anđelić i Ljubica Damčević

COSTUME AND SET: Jadranka Anđelić


SOUND RECORDING: Zoran Vasiljević

RESEARCH: Teodora Barać

PHOTOS: Djordje Tomić