The Power of Remembrance (2013)
The project consists of research, music installation and performance Presence of Absence
The project is dealing with post-traumatic memory, specifically memory of women that are the keepers or beholders of the memory related to their dearest ones from their families, who went missing.

Project of Ministry of Culture “Serbia in Serbia”

In/Visible Neighbors (2006)
A journey through the multi-cultural history of Vračar

This Is Who We Are (2004)
The project involves young participants of the DAH Theatre Youth Drama Group, and Roma children and young from Vracar Municipality and also children gathered around the Roma Cultural Centre in Mali Mokri Lug.

Programs for Youth
DAH THEATRE RESEARH CENTRE (DTRC) uses pedagogical tools in trying to educate future artists and give them a solid foundation for their future studies in the contemporary theatre.