The project, which began in 2005 in Belgrade, continued its life and expanded into different European cities. In 2012, the project became international, seeking to contribute to the normalization of relations between different ethnic communities across Europe and to contribute to the development of a civil society based on tolerance.

Denmark, Great Britain, Macedonia, Serbia

In/Visible City 2012 consists of performances in public transport (city buses) in four countries – Serbia, Denmark, Great Britain and Macedonia. The performances tell the multi-ethnic history of the cities; and cultural exchanges and debates about inter-ethnic tolerance take place. Through these activities, we remind that culture, history, the state and everyday life are interwoven with the influences of different cultures- and that the cities we live in today were created by the work of the citizens who lived there, regardless of ethnicity. The project raises awareness that as democratization spreads, so does the need for tolerance.

OM Theater, Denmark: Sandra Pasini, Hisako Miura
ArtMedia, Macedonia: Lile Milenovska, Olga Pango
Prodigal Theater, UK: Alister O’Laughlin, Kurt Thomas Jobling
DAH Theater, Serbia: Jugoslav Hadzic, Aleksandra Jelic, Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic, Ivana Milenovic Popovic, Maja Mitic, Dragan Simeunovic, Donka Torov

Initial idea: Jadranka Anđelić
Director: Dijana Milošević – DAH Theater
Director of post-production, co-director/Skoplje: Nataša Poplavska – ArtMedia
Scenario: Alister O’Laughlin – Prodigal Theatre
Choreography: Miranda Jane Hendrixon – Prodigal Theatre
Video: Emil Petrov – ArtMedia
Costume: Antonella Diana and DAH Theater
Voice and Music Director: Brigitte Cirla –Voix Polyphoniques, France