A performance in public transport, and a long-term project of the DAH Theater. Our cities, in their distant past and even more-so today, are multi-ethnic cities, with a large number of inhabitants of different origins and cultures living together. The consciousness of this has faded due to crises and wars that created multi-ethnic tensions. To bridge the misunderstanding that exists so widespread, we have created in 2005 a project that deals with the promotion of different ethnic cultures that coexist today. [ongoing]

The main goal of the “In/Visible City” project is to make the multi-ethnic structure of cities in Serbia and the richness of different cultures more visible. Everything that was lost or became invisible, and was created by the joint forces of this multinational society as part of our culture for centuries, we rediscover. “In/Visible City” looks at the positive aspects of cultural and national diversity, the history of our cities created by many peoples in which they have woven their culture, customs and creativity.

The performances in public city transport tells the history of our multi-ethnic and diverse cities. Through the project we aim to contribute to the normalization of relations between different ethnic communities living in Serbia and beyond, to the development of a civil society based on tolerance. The positive reactions of the audience and the public confirmed how much such an action was needed by the citizens of Serbia and other countries in which we played.

On the route between Mali Bajmok and Palić, which is 10 kilometers long, the passengers traveled with the sounds of accordion, violin, rap, and drums. The theater was not disturbed in the cramped space or the drift of the bus in the curve. The play was designed as a journey through the history of Subotica, and many citizens were delighted with what they heard and learned. (BLIC Vojvodina – Biljana Vučković, 2008)


The pilot project was created in 2005 in Belgrade, and consisted of performances that took place on the bus line 26- and that “told” the multiethnic history of the city. Including follow-up round tables and a series of activities.

After the success of the pilot project, DAH Theater expanded the project in Serbia in 2007/08 (Novi Sad, Subotica, Indjija, Nis, Leskovac, Vranje). In 2008, “Invisible City” participated in the International Theater Festival – PIT Festival in Norway [Porsgrun].


In 2009, the In/Visible City project received the award for the ‘best project’ in the field of social integration from the ERSTE Foundation. The only award of its kind, it aims to recognize and promote organizations and projects that strive to create a stable and just society that includes disadvantaged people and vulnerable groups.

In addition, the In/Visible City project was highlighted as an example of one of the most successful intercultural dialogue projects in 2008 by the European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research (ERICarts).

Performances in the Rio de Janeiro´s metro, two times per week during one month. Produced by Sequencia filmes, musicas e cenicas. Supported by Funarte Theatre Award Myriam Muniz.

DAH Theater became the first organization from Serbia to become the holder of the project within the EU program “Culture 2007-13”. The project was implemented in four countries with four partners: Denmark / OM Theater, Macedonia / Art Media, Great Britain / Prodigal Theater and France / Voix Poliphonique.

2014 [ITALY]

In/Visible City was realized within the Girovagando festival, in Sardinia / Sassari, in co-production with the Theater en Vol.

10 years of the In/Visible City project. The plays are realized in Novi Sad, Indjija and Belgrade, known for the richness of different cultures and the influence of different ethnic minorities.

2016 [NorWAY]

In/Visible City was realized at the PIT Festival (Porsgrun International Festival) in co-production with the Greenland Fri Theater.

In/Visible City was realized in Faenza, Italy, within the MAUERSPRINGER project, supported by the EU program Creative Europe and in co-production with the Teatro Due Mondi theater.

The plays are realized within the project BEYOND THE CHAPTER / ACCESSION TO DIVERSITY, in cooperation with Group 484 in the cities: Subotica, Bujanovac, Vranje, Loznica, Sjenica and Belgrade.


The relevance of this project has been confirmed over the years- cultural and ethnic intolerance (unfortunately) continue to change forms – from discrimination against minorities, to xenophobia that is reappearing in Europe against migrants from other cultures. That is why our mission remains – to raise awareness of the right to coexistence, to call for tolerance and acceptance of diversity.