December 7th –11th, 2020 from 19.00 – 19.30h DAH Theatre’s artists will conduct this on-line training, passing their experience to the participants in the group or individually [professionals and non-professionals], with the aim to introduce a creative possibilities of arts in articulating their own needs and […]
From October till December 2020, the Project presents digital campaign of 24 short videos created from DAH Theatre performances and addressing the themes like Multicultural Tolerance, Creative Articulation of Civil Protests and Children’s Rights, the e-training ACT YOUR RIGHT and the serial of on-line conversations, with […]
23 – 28, October, 2020 Belgrade DAH Theater is realizing the Festival, conceived as a platform for presenting and ideas and artistic concepts that highlight and connect art and human rights, The program consists of performances, plays, films, installations, workshops, debates and meetings of artists, activists […]