The film Dancing Trees won the Best Music Video award at the 7 Colors Lagoon Bacalar […]
We welcome the end of the year at the same strong pace! The Prologue of the […]
The Prologue to the Arts and Human Rights Festival marks the International Human Rights Day, while […]
We are excited to be among the beneficiaries of the Creativity Pioneers Fund 2022! The Fund […]
November is a month of intense activities! In addition to the performances TERRA, November 3, THE […]
On October 15th, we perfrom Terra in Seville, Spain as part of the MITIN Festival by […]
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Helena Vaz da Silva European Award, the […]
In July, we are expecting a guest appearance in Germany, in Frankfurt at the Sommerwerft Festival […]
In June, we will continue to play performances, in addition to travelling and participating in European […]
The month of May is full of events at the DAH Theater. We perform in Amsterdam […]