April is marked by the presentations of our open-air DANCING TREES. In Brussels at the NEW […]
On 2nd of March, at 20h, we perform in PAROBROD Cultural Center THE CONUNDRUM OF REVOLUTION, […]
On December 8 and 9 at the FASHIORATION – ONLINE FESTIVAL, discover more about the process […]
November is marked by cycle of lectures dedicated to the creation, concepts and power of contemporary […]
In the new season, we come back playing the open-door performance, Dancing Trees in the Student […]
Between 25. July and 1. August 2023, DAH Theatre participated on the International Festival Sommerwerft in […]
In addition to presenting our performances, the third edition of the Art and Human Rights Festival […]
With the arrival of spring, we begin the season of playing our open-air performance DANCING TREES, […]
On October 15th, we perfrom Terra in Seville, Spain as part of the MITIN Festival by […]
In June, we will continue to play performances, in addition to travelling and participating in European […]