With support of the Fund for Open Society in collaboration with the Open Society Institute, Budapest

From June 2002 till April 2003, DAH Theatre Research centre hosted numerous cultural experts and art managers that want to apply innovative work models based on the research of the cultural practices of other countries. These professionals can make a significant contribution to the reforms and changes in the realm of culture and art in their environments. DAH Theatre Research centre was also host for interns from Azerbaijan, Poland, Russia, Mongolia and Armenia.

With the support of Arts And Culture Network Program -OSI Budapest

The first phase of the project took place from November 2002 till November 2003 through a series of workshops and meetings that involve artists and experts from our country and the region. The target group is the young leaders of NGO’s, young artists and students, and young participants of the project “Play Against Violence”. The aim was to inform them about the organisation, financing and ways of survival of artists.

The project was divided into phases: THE SEED, THE BUD, THE BLOSSOM, THE GARDEN that followed all the steps of creating, finansing and organizing of artistic projects. The project also deals with networking as one of the ways both of connecting and better maintaining of organisations.

Lecturers from: Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, USA, Great Britain, and Holland.
Participating organisations: Cultural centre REX, Bitef Theatre, centre for Permanent Education, Association of Independent Theatres from Belgrade, Mostar Youth Theatre, the Magdalena Project – International Network of Women in Contemporary Theatre. Concept Conference, Great Britain, 7 Stages Theatre, USA.

The ending of this project was the beginning of a new and more developed program, THE INTERNATIONAL STUDIES OF CONTEMPORARY PERFORMANCE ARTS.