In July, we are expecting a guest appearance in Germany, in Frankfurt at the Sommerwerft Festival […]
In June, we will continue to play performances, in addition to travelling and participating in European […]
The month of May is full of events at the DAH Theater. We perform in Amsterdam […]
MARCH 7-12, FESTIVAL + The workshop led by artists from Hand2Mouth Theater [USA] and DAH Theater […]
From 24 to 27 February in Belgrade, we present the second edition of the Festival which […]
Round table, webinar CREATE YOUR ACTION, on line meeting CONNECTIONS
October 30 and 31, the premiere of DANCING TREES will be held at Students Park in […]
DANCING TREES is one of five five international projects that have been awarded by program FIXING […]
From June 23 to 27, DAH Theater celebrates its 30 birthday with the event “BRIDGING THE […]
MAY 9 – JUNE 6, 2021 Within EUROPE DAYS IN SERBIA the EU Delegation in Serbia […]