On October 15th, we perfrom Terra in Seville, Spain as part of the MITIN Festival by […]
In June, we will continue to play performances, in addition to travelling and participating in European […]
The month of May is full of events at the DAH Theater. We perform in Amsterdam […]
APRIL, PAROBROD AT 20.00 The performance connects gardening, plants cultivation, and soil/earth (lat. TERRA) with stories […]
CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTION MEASURES July 14, 2020 at 21.00 – DAH Theater plays the […]
18th of June, 2020, Loznica, at 6 pm DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS, THE PERFORMANCE WILL BE […]
MARCH 6, 2020, Vranje PERFORMANCE “IN/VISIBLE CITY” IN THE CITY BUS A performance in the city […]