If you are interested in learning, experiencing, creating and contributing to the development of contemporary theater in a positive environment – DAH Theater is here!

We need volunteers who will work with us on market research, help us organize performances and events, participate with us in the digitalization of DAH theater and much more!

If you are young (or not, but feel that way!), studying at one of the faculties of social sciences and humanities, or you simply love theater and culture, let us know!

We offer our volunteers a lot of ideas, creative materials, topics, knowledge, people, time, fantastic experience, new acquaintances…

DAH Theater is an independent professional theater troupe that has been creatively active for 27 years in the field of contemporary theater, not only purely creatively (more than 30 plays, tours around the world, awards, recognitions and the first published book about us in America…) but also production ( EU projects, festivals, national, international projects, co-productions, educational programs…)

Known and recognized all over the world, but with the desire to continue working and creating for new audiences in Serbia and beyond, we invite you to apply to volunteer or intern with us and gain serious practical experience, with an energetic team in an exciting environment, through work and into creative fulfillment.

If you wish to be part of our team, reach out at: office@dahteatarcentar.com

We look forward to seeing you soon and creating a better society together!



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