At the Winterwerft Festival in Frankfurt, organized by Protagon e.V. we are participating with the play TERRA on February 11, as well as the LOSING GROUND symposium on February 9 [Natasa Novaković] and the body and voice techniques workshop on February 10 [Ljubica Damčević].

Together with artists and experts from from Poland, Italy, Spain and Germany we discussed the topics: How can we understand this “soil” that is at the heart of the EU partnership and the festival in metaphorical and non-metaphorical ways? What does it mean for the field of work and the place of work of the individual participants? What role do the performing arts play in re-cultivating a sense of responsibility and connection to place that goes beyond exclusive concepts such as nation states?

Photo from TERRA: Jana Heilig

DAH Theatre participation supported by GOETHE INSTITUT.



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