The month of May is full of events at the DAH Theater.

We perform in Amsterdam on May 8, “Terra” and “25 glasses of wine” at the ExploreZ Festival, organized by the ZID Theater. You can see the “The Conundrum of the Revolution” on May 14 at the UK PAROBROD from 8 p.m. The play “For Your Own Good” is taking part in the Zvezdarište festival on May 27 at 11 am at the VUK Cultural Center. “Dancing Trees” is playing again in the Student Park in Belgrade, on May 29, at 21 p.m.

We marked the Day of Victory over fascism on May 9 in KC Grad at the forum “Anti-fascism today – who steals our victory” organized by UG Koraci and performed inserts from our play “The Riddle of the Revolution”. We traveled to Paris for a working meeting within the FARCE project, and we will also travel to Athens for the initial meeting of the new FASHIORATION project.

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